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Welcome to this electronic document repository. This server is maintained by the University of Art Braunschweig. You can find electronic fulltexts here. Members of the University of Art Braunschweig have the alternative to publish doctoral theses or any other scientific publications online. Prior to that please contact the Library of the University of Art Braunschweig.

Dr. Frauke Stiller
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Heike Klein
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Is the publication free of charge?

Basically all publications are free of charge.

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When you use the Simple Search, all terms are combined by AND automatically. For a more tightly focused search you may use the Boolean Operators to combine different search terms.

AND: The document has to contain all search terms. OR: The document has to contain one of the search terms. This function broadens your search and is recommended, when there are different terms for the same meaning.

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The Boolean Operators work for the Advanced Search as well. You may use them to combine different search terms within one search field. For example, to search for documents of the author "Doe" in the years 2002 or 2003, use the query:
Author: Doe
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Example 1: chemi* finds chemical but also chemistry or chemist. Example 2: licen?e finds licence and license.

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I have some more questions – whom shall I contact

For further information please contact the library of the University of Art Braunschweig

Dr. Frauke Stiller
Telefon: 0531 391-9243

Heike Klein
Telefon: 0531 391-9354

For questions related to dissertation thesis (publication and delivery):

Lutz Röttger
Telefon: 0531 391-9128

Ulrike Kaschner
Telefon:0531 391-9124

What’s to regard if I plan to publish my work by a professional publisher or have done that already?

In most cases this is no problem. Please ensure in any case, if your publisher allows a parallel publication! To do that you can use the SHERPA/ROMEO list tun

What about licenses for my publication?

Authors can choose which terms of use must be regarded for their publication. These terms are defined in a license. This repository supports different licenses, from which you can choose one (i.e. Creative Commons Lizenzen).

For further information please contact the Library of the University of Art Braunschweig.


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